• Foundries
  • Steel Plants
  • Glass
  • Phenolic Plastics
  • Aerospace
  • Brake Linings
  • Friction Materials
  • Lubricants
  • Coatings
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Cell
  • Semi Conductor

About Us

Shamokin Carbons is a leading global manufacturer of carbon and graphite products for many major industries including steel, glass, aerospace and semi-conductors.

Our Vision & Values:

Our business is based on integrity. We pride ourselves on consistently producing high quality carbon products tailored to meet the most rigid customer specifications. Shamokin practices “Quality First,” and we aim to support our customer’s success by providing the best products at the lowest cost, backed by exceptional customer service and support.

Since inception, Shamokin carries on the tradition of always doing the next right thing. We strive to be fair, honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, suppliers and co-workers and we are accountable for everything we do. Shamokin relentlessly pursues improvement in all areas and this is part of our ISO 9001 program. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified By Intertek.

Shamokin is focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of the customer by creating exceptional value through innovative products and solutions. Our high rate of repeat business is attributed to our uncompromising standard of ethics and values.

We measure our success by the success of our customers.