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Hot Metal Industry

Electric Arc FurnaceFor 60 years Shamokin has supplied quality carbon and graphite products for numerous hot metals and industrial applications. Shamokin’s major focus is on the Hot Metals Industry. From Shamokin’s inception Steel Mills, and Foundry Products seemed most logical because they are located directly in the center of the Anthracite Coal Region. Anthracite provides the cleanest and lowest sulfur injection carbon for steel plants.

Continuing the tradition of low sulfur and low nitrogen products for Cast Metals Products Shamokin developed a complete carbon series that considers all possible combinations of carbons to meet every exacting specification a steel mill or foundry demands. The series covers all forms of carbons including Synthetic Graphites, Natural Graphites, Metallurgical Coke, Petroleum Coke, Calcined Cokes, Fluid Cokes, Activated Carbon, Carbon Blacks, Anthracite Coal, Calcined Anthracite Coals, pelletized carbons and graphites, graphite foils, and fibres, and various Designer Carbon forms.


Shamokin supply's an array of industries and applications.  Friction materials, Lubricants, Fuel Cells, Semiconductor, drilling, paints, graphite paints, coatings, fillers, cathodic backfill, glass, rubber, cement, coloring, etc... 

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